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5 ft 2 but don't let the big smile and terrible jokes fool you. Naomi is an ex professional footballer and prides herself on her program. Naomi doesn't believe in limits and loves to help people push past their comfort zone and help them achieve their full potential. Hailing from the Midlands Naomi loves a chat and can talk very fast! Rap battle anyone? 
Naomi is all about the good vibes and began her fitness journey with the goal to get as many people back into exercise as possible, helping people realise that fitness isn't scary and shouldn't be feared. No matter where you are on your journey Naomi will be with you every squat of the way. Expect some banging tunes, squats, smiles and a lot of sweat! But mainly smiles :) 
Energetic. Explosive. Empowering
It is your decisions
NOT your conditions
that determine your destiny.

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