Our plans to tackle racism and create positive change
Rebel Against Racism

We listened. We learned. We made a pledge. This is our commitment to combat and counter any systemic racism within 1Rebel, educate our Rebels, and increase representation, diversity, inclusion and equality in the business.

This is a long term plan aimed at making real change. We're always open to feedback and suggestions, so please do get in touch with any additional ideas at RAR@1rebel.com.



Educate our staff and invite our community to learn with us.



Support the Black and minority ethnic community through our actions.



Improve our social media approach and representation



Work towards creating a mentorship academy program for Black, Asian and minority ethnic youth.



EDUCATE OUR STAFF - Actively educate our staff on racism (Overt vs Covert), systemic racism, racial bias, discrimination and inequality.

STAFF BOOK CLUB - Working through material collaboratively. A safe space for staff to discuss the issues of racism, privilege, bias and systemic change.

CREATE A RESOURCE LIBRARY - Literature, TV, podcasts, film and websites for learning.

EDUCATE OUR COMMUNITY - Invite our community to share and partake in our learning process. Check out our dedicated blog series here.

REBEL TALKS - Provide a safe space for our customers who may not have a place to discuss these topics.


RECRUITMENT & TALENT - Review our current recruitment policy. Adapt our policy to seek out fairer representation in the business. Actively seek ways we can provide scholarships or funding.

EVENTS - Focused on raising funds to counter and combat systemic racism.

MUSIC - Further diversify the music in clubs, classes and events.

ACCESS - Combat the lack of access that specifically affects black and minority ethnic consumers. Each club to host local community classes and create other access strategies.

CHARITY - Focusing on charities that can help combat structural issues.


SOCIAL MEDIA & MARKETING - Review our social media approach with the specific aim to attract more Black and minority ethnic trainers, customers and staff.

REPRESENTATION - Increase representation of Black and minority groups in marketing campaigns, social content and advertising.

AMPLIFYING BLACK VOICES - That means partnering with more Black creators at our events, in our videos, and on our social feeds.

DISCUSSION - Content pieces covering; racism, privilege, bias and lived experience to continue to shed light on these issues.

ACCOUNTABILITY - Actively communicating the internal action we have taken to our customers.


MENTORSHIP - Work towards creating a mentorship academy program for Black, Asian and minority ethnic youth.

OPPORTUNITY - Find and nurture this talent.

GROWTH - Developing them through Level 2 - 3 and further into 1Rebel and the fitness sector.

PARTNERSHIP - Work with relevant charities on mentorship programs.

TIME - This is a long term project and strategy. That will take time to plan, develop and execute.

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