Next-Level Body Toning

Like nothing you have ever seen before. This is functional training, amplified. Done the 1Rebel way #wedoitdifferent.

Custom-curated programs will have you moving through our Rebel Zones, each focusing on functional movements and body toning. Push your body to the next level against a backdrop of sick beats and stellar lights.

Tone for

Sessions are designed to deliver outcomes. You will come for the experience, but you will come back because of the results.

Move through

4+Rebel Zones
In every session you will move through at least four Rebel Zones in our immersive sound and light environment. Each Rebel Zone will target a different muscle group; come and tone with 1Rebel Reflex.


Our 1Rebel trainers have designed well over 100 session variations, with more always under development, meaning that you’re unlikely to ever have the same program twice.

Burn up to

While calorie consumption is always dependent on the individual, we believe those who commit to the session can easily hit a calorie burn of 800+.

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