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without stepping out your door.

The first platform in the world that lets you immerse yourself in a 1Rebel session, live or on demand from your home. With biomechanics developed by the Technogym Research Centre, the Technogym Bike brings the all new Technogym Live software to life. All whilst tracking power, cadence and resistance performance data. This partnership brings together 1Rebel's trainers and in studio experience with Technogym’s 30 years of experience across 80,000 fitness centres in 100 countries. #RideOfYourLife guaranteed.

State Of The Art Content

We don't spin, we Ride.

Experience the most innovative studio in the world, directly from your home. We'll transport you into our Victoria studio, discovering endless Ride sessions with mind blowing playlists and revolutionary lighting.

Lose yourself in the rhythm of the music and experience one-on-one moments with our Rebel trainers. 

Feel the thrill and energy of your Rebel Army, pushing you beyond the impossible. 

Subscribe to 1Rebel on the Technogym bike and share your subscription with three other users.


1Flawless Bike
Bring the highest quality, sleekest bike into your home. The Technogym bike rides silently leaving you to make all the noise.

Transport your

Take the Technogym bike from the bedroom to the garden, wherever you Ride, the easy to move bike allows for complete flexibility.


allthe sessions
With a Ride for every mood, you can connect to a live session or choose from a library of pre-recorded Rides.

Watch A

21.5"HD Display
Showcasing Victoria’s biggest sound system and the most impressive light show, you'll feel like the Rebel Army are riding by your side.

The Technogym Bike

Ride the hightest quality professional bike in the world, with an authentic road feel.

Sleek, minimalist design, with 21.5" full HD screen, and two way, one-touch saddle and handlebar adjustments.

Flawless biomechanics with silent operation delivering the same feeling as when you're on the road.

Precise, valuable power, cadence and resistance data to track and improve your Ride sessions. 

1R trainers

The people you love to hate.

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