Four stations. One full body workout.

Custom created programmes will have you moving through four zones; bike, row, bench + rig.

Prepare to test your endurance as you tackle the cardio killers that are the assault bike and rower. These are interspersed with rounds on our infamous Rebel bench, where you'll get down and dirty with weight sequences, and time on the rig, the ultimate playground for bodyweight, kettlebell and pull up bar moves. Available at Hammersmith.

Sweat for

45 minutes to push yourself to limits you never thought possible.

Sweat at

Find Rig at Hammersmith and soon to be at High Street Kensington.


Continually move through the assault bike, rower, bench and rig.

Burn up to

The harder you work, the more you burn. It's that simple. *dependent on each individual



Focuses on short sharp bursts to push you like you never thought possible. You'll be going hell for leather on the bike, rower, bench and rig in short rounds with short rests in between. It's guaranteed to boost both your fitness and strength.


Focuses on cardio and building your aerobic capacity. There'll still be plenty of dumbbell and kettlebell work, but expect to go all out on the bike and rower to take your fitness to the next level.



Focused on building your strength and improving your power output. Expect plenty of time using your bodyweight, dumbbells, kettlebells and our specially designed Rig. Plus some explosive time on the bike and rower to keep things sweaty.


Brings together everyone in your zone, where you'll work together for a common goal. Think calorie and distance goals on the bike and rower, alongside rep counts on the bench and rig. Whether you're with friends or coming alone, you're guaranteed to push each other to the limit while of course having fun.


Takes place once a month and is your chance to set and then re-test your time on the bike, rower, bench and rig. It's the ideal opportunity to check on your progression and keep pushing yourself to the next level.


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sweats in

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