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Rebel Events

We host lots of epic events throughout the year. Everything from sessions with live acts and DJs to themed sessions.

You can keep track of what's happening and when below - this page will always be up-to-date with the latest events we're running. So join the rest of the Rebel Army get booked in and get your sweat on.

Ride With Sarah + Alfie


Four epic Rides to start each weekend day with a bang. With Sarah on the bike and Alfie on the decks, this session is guaranteed to get your endorphins flowing.

Date Time Club
Fri 27/1 17:30 DIFC Book  
Fri 27/1 18:30 DIFC Book  

Ride + Reshape With Sarah


One hour. 30 minutes in Reshape. 30 minutes in Ride. This it the workout you didn't know you needed.

Date Time Club
Sun 29/1 12:30 DIFC Book  

Ride With Jade

Euphoric Ride

Date Time Club
Sun 29/1 10:30 DIFC Book  
Sun 29/1 11:30 DIFC Book  
Mon 30/1 07:30 DIFC Book  
Mon 30/1 08:30 DIFC Book  

Looking to just sweat it out in a normal session?


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