Can I freeze my account while you're closed?


All memberships and packages will be automatically frozen should we be forced to close by the government. Your package expiry date will automatically be extended in line with the length of the closure, and no membership payments will be taken.

Do I have to share equipment?


From 19th July 2021, as all government restrictions have lifted, so in full Reshape and Rig classes there will be sharing of equipment. In Reshape you willl be rotating with one other person between the treadmill and bench, and in Rig you will be rotating with up to three other people. Anti-bacterial spray and cloths are available from reception, should you wish to wipe down the equipment in between rounds. In Ride you will have your own bike and in Rumble your own bag.

Can the expiry date on my gift card be extended?


Absolutely. You will be provided with an extension in line with the length of closure.

The Studio

Where are you located?


We have a whole host of clubs across London. Check out the full address for each here.

Do you have lockers?


Absolutely, and a lot of them. No need to bring a lock, we operate on a code combination setup.

Do you have water or should I bring my own?


All our studios are zero single-use plastic free and we provide reusable stainless bottles to borrow for your session. If you’d prefer to bring your own bottle, we also have water stations available.

Is there food and drinks available to buy?


We have post-session protein shakes available from our 1R Bar that can be pre-ordered on arrival or ordered there. We don’t have any food options but we can direct you to some great places to refuel close by.

What do I need to bring?


Your A-Game. Every time. Plus workout kit, suitable trainers for Reshape + Rumble and wraps for Rumble. We'll provide you with boxing gloves and Ride shoes. 

If you forget any kit fear not, we have a fully stocked retail area. We also have ear plugs available for purchase should you require them.

What do you provide?


Shower towels, sweat towels, hair products, deodrant, moisturiser, cleanser, GHD hairdryers and straighteners, ironing boards and specialised kit for the sessions (boxing gloves + cleats). We even have an on-site Barber + Blow dry bar for cuts and shaves for the men and blow-drys, braids and styling for the ladies that you can book into. You'll leave looking better than you arrived.

Are there showers?


Yes, and they’re pretty damn slick. We’ve kitted them out with body wash, shampoo and conditioner and we also have cleanser and moisturiser to keep you looking sharp.

Do you have a free weights area?


We're not your traditional gym so you can only hit us up for classes. 

Do you have disabled access?


All our clubs have either ground floor or lift accessed disabled changing rooms and showers. All studios apart from Angel can be accessed step-free, with Angel having one step access to the studio itself. 

If you have any questions or concerns about accessing the studios or the classes themselves, contact the local team and they would be more than happy to talk you through what support we can provide.

The Sessions

What kind of sessions do you offer?


We have four concepts for you to choose from ReshapeRideRumble and Rig. Each session varies between 45 minutes and 1 hour and you can expect full on nightclub style vibes with epic lightening and banging tunes to help motivate you through.

Please note that the music levels are loud. If you are sensitive to sound or concerned about the volume, we have re-usable ear plugs available for sale.



Tell me about Reshape


Reshape is a high intensity session where you'll alternate between the treadmill and a box with dumbbells. Designed to build strength, improve your overall fitness and aerobic capacity. Expect loud music and mind blowing lighting, all timed perfectly to your workout and designed to push you exactly when you need it most. 


It's hard but scalable, so suitable for all abilities. It is high impact, but if you're worried about running and jumping give your trainer a heads up at the start of the session and they will give you some alternatives.


Expect to sweat A LOT, burn a s**t load of calories, and feel like an absolute legend when you're done.


Available at Broadgate, Bayswater, St Mary Axe, Angel, South Bank and Holborn. More details here.

Tell me about Rig


Custom created programmes will have you moving through four zones; the bike, rower, bench and rig. You'll rotate through each zone throughout the class, having several turns on each piece of equipment. The structure of the workout will vary depending on the type of session the trainer is running but you'll always get a full body workout that will build both your strength and endurance. It's a tough class but guaranteed to help you see results.


Available at Hammersmith. More details here.

Tell me about Ride


Ride is our take on spinning. Led by one of our legendary instructors at the front of the room, you'll be guided through a full body workout. Expect inclines, sprints, and arm work. Plus a dedicated weights section with dumbbells. Each class follows a banging playlist expertly put together by the trainer themselves, and spanning every genre you can imagine. Ride is low impact.


You'll be set up with your own stationary bike and will clip in using Ride shoes and cleats. We provide these free of charge in all sizes. If it's your first time you'll be shown at the start of the class how to set up the bike.


Available at Bayswater, St Mary Axe, South Bank and Victoria. More details here.

Tell me about Rumble


Prepare to pack a punch in Rumble, our high intensity full body boxing class. Choose from two class types, Strength + Power and Speed + Conditioning, and get ready for boxing combos, bodyweight exercises, drills and speedwork. It's a 45 minute battle between you and your boxing bag, all expertly timed to the music to give you a push exactly when you need it.


The class is high impact, but if you have an injury or need to take it easy, speak to the trainer prior to the session and they will be able to provide alternate exercises for you when relevant.


You'll need wraps and boxing gloves for the class. We provide gloves free of charge or you're welcome to bring your own. Wraps go under the gloves and are designed to protect your wrists and stop your hands rubbing on the gloves. You can bring your own or we sell two different options, which you can purchase prior to your session.


Available at Broadgate and Oxford Circus. More details here.

Do I need to bring my own kit?


Yes, please wear workout wear.

Reshape - we recommend wearing suitable running trainers.
Ride - we provide cleats or if you have your own we use Look Keo's. 
Rumble - we provide gloves for free and wraps to buy for either £3 or £11. But if you have a lucky pair, feel free to bring your own.


I’ve not done HIIT before or I don't feel very fit, will I be ok?


Of course, we’ve got your back. Our workouts are scalable and accessible to everyone. Train at your own pace but always bring your a-game. Be sure to turn up 15 minutes before the session for your first timer induction.

Will the trainer shout at me?


Only if you're naughty ;) Just kidding, our trainers are mic'ed up but will never shout abuse at you. It's 100% about motivating and inspiring with positive messages and encouragement. They're here to make you work hard and push your limits, but only with good vibes.

What happens if I'm late for a session?


When a session has started the doors are closed. So don't be late - you snooze, you lose. 

Do you offer private sessions for groups?


Yes, bring the whole squad down. We can offer private venue hire too.

For any corporate studio hiring or general enquiries, drop Lewis a line on lewis@1rebel.com.

Book Sessions

How do I book a session?


Head to BOOK NOW in the main menu, select your studio and spot, and you're in. Alternatively, download our App for easier, on the go booking.

How do I add myself to the waitlist?


You can add yourself to the waitlist on the individual session page by selecting ‘add to waitlist’. We allow up to five people to join a waitlist and you'll be notified by email if someone drops out and you get a spot. You can be added to the waitlist up to one hour before the class, so be ready. If you're added to a class from the waitlist with less than 12 hours to go, you will be subject to the normal late cancellation and no show fees if you decide not to attend.

Can I transfer a booked session to a friend if I can’t attend?


If you've got a package then yes, give your local club a call and they will be able to sort for you. Membership sessions are however non-transferable. 

Can I go next to my friend in a class?


For Reshape and Ride you can pick your spot when booking a session, so you can choose two next to each other. For Rumble, you pick your bag when you arrive so you can grab two near each other. If you're not able to book spots near each other, speak to our Front of House team when you arrive and they might be able to work some magic ;)

Buy Sessions

How do I buy a session?


We offer single sessions, packages and memberships, all of which you can buy through the website or in our mobile app.


What’s the difference between a package and a membership?


A package is a single or group of sessions that you can use as and when before they expire. The expiry length kicks in from the day you book your first session. A package can be shared between two people.

A membership is a non-contract reoccurring payment that allows you to attend a certain number of classes a month. Your session allowance doesn't roll over and you can cancel anytime. A membership can only be used by the holder only and cannot be shared.

If you attend more than three times a month, a membership works out cheaper. There's also a whole host of perks that come with being a member, check them out here.


What happens if you have to close because of COVID?


If our studios are forced to close as a result of government measures, all packages and memberships will be automatically frozen - you don't need to do anything. All monthly payments will be paused and the expiry date on all packages will be extended. If you cancel your membership while it is frozen you will lose out on any remaining sessions from your allowance.

Can I extend the expiry on my package?


Absolutely - there is a £15 charge to add one month to your package. Speak to the teams in club to get this set up.


Can I top up my membership with additional sessions?


Absolutely, if you've used up all your sessions for the month just email, call or speak to our team in club and they can add more sessions on for you.

Can I freeze my membership?


All memberships can be frozen for up to two weeks in each calendar year - ideal for holidays or the Christmas break. Longer freezes can be organised if medical proof is provided. If all studios are closed as a result of a lockdown or governement guidance, all memberships will be automatically frozen.


How do I terminate my membership?


You are responsible for terminating your own billing cycle by logging into your online account, selecting ‘my packages’ and selecting "end contact". Please note the "no refunds" policy.

Can I terminate my membership?


Yes, at any time with at least 1 day ahead of the renewal date. For example, if your next renewal date is 30th September, you need to cancel by 29th September in order to avoid being charged for the next cycle. Note that if you do terminate your membership, you will be subject to current membership rates upon your return.

Can I cancel my membership and re-buy?


Yes, just head to your account to cancel. If you purchased your membership on a special promotion, you will not be able to re-purchase the same one if it is no longer available.


Can I cancel a session?


Yes, but why would you want to do that? 

Here’s the deal if you do - we have a 12 hour cancellation policy. 

If you cancel with less than 12 hours to go:
Package holders: You lose the session
Members: You will be charged £14

What happens if I don’t show up?


We will find you...

Package holders: You will lose the session.
Members: You will be charged with a £17 "no show" fee and re-credited your session.


When am I charged?


Package purchases are charged instantly. On memberships, your first payment is taken straight away and then subsequent payments are taken on that same day every month.

Can I get a refund?


No, refunds will not be given for any purchase made on the 1R site or app.

Business Opportunities

Do you offer corporate discount and events?


We do indeed. Check out here for all the details, and contact jonny@1rebel.com to discuss further and make a booking.

Are there franchise opportunities?


We do work with select partners internationally on a franchise basis. If you have an interesting proposition and would like to chat further, drop giles@1rebel.com a line.


How do I become a trainer?


You need to have a level two qualification in order to teach group classes like those at 1Rebel. If you're qualified, you'll then needs bags of personality, next level energy, and a desire to motivate and inspire those around you. More details on how to apply can be found here.

I have an injury, can I train?


It all depends on what it is and its severity. If you're unsure, drop us a line before booking and one of our trainers can advise. We recommend letting your trainer know at the start of every session if you have an injury or are concerned about something, as they will be able to provide relevant modifications throughout.

Can I train whilst pregnant?


Always speak to your doctor before commencinig any type of exercise to ensure they are happy for you to proceed, this is particularly important for high intensity sessions like those at 1Rebel. If you get the go ahead, make sure you let your trainer know at the start of each session, so they an advise if any modifications will be needed.

How do I give feedback on a class?


Good or bad, we love hearing what you think of our studios, sessions and trainers so please do drop us an email or slide into our DMs on Instagram. You can also review a class from the My Account section of the website or on Google.

How can I get a job with you.


For fitness recruitment head to our careers site. For all other roles, including Front of House and Cleaning please send your CV + a cover letter to Claire.

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